Sunday, August 14, 2005


DA Bambalooza Lashed and Schooled

The photo in the blog is of a bblogger that got his schooling in a minimum fo 10 posts, Just proves the point that there is really no real intellect here in the UAE other than superficial brainwashed kids.

His credential include 4 star army achievements in a game of PG2 as well a writing for some game related forums for little teens interested in bashing each other,

Now the schooling has started and in full force the poor guy has insulated all most all of what he believes in and more and in fact endorsed killing of Muslims and Arabs that do not agree with his point of few, boot about interrogators kills and maim innocent until proven guilty suspect while in detention. Advocated the invasion of other countries that he does noy like and praises nations that have bombed symbols of our pan Arab struggle even his love adored president

So many amateurish arguments, weak reasoning and less than great understanding of how politics work and most importantly a believe that we are states have the power to repel mass invading forces frogs and illegal immigrant,

His Jewish outlook is, if your are a Jew and don’t support Israel then you are a good Jew, Seems like you become Khumaini, The Muttawas and the cats the await severing from their masters garments but under different garments this time.

I know I had got him, since our strategic thinker commented on bogus military terms I used and he didn’t know that these units area brainchild of the man typing you this…example of laziness tk check facts, no understanding how the military works and the must have Arab Ignorance factor,

The continued personal attacks, sometimes I’m from Iraqm other I’m fro Iran and the rest I’m from the Pan Arab States only proves me that this lad needs further school .

UAEThinkNot should be you new nick name, and please cut down on your fake accounts that appear so often and fast after you new post, that method is lame.

“I Joke I Joke, I Kid I Kid, but My p—p—goes dgoing going goin!!”

Another example of an Arab that wants to kiss as much ass as locally availab;e and put down the rest of his “brothers”, though the same thing is happening right here in Dubai nut I see you squirrel away. Money is good right, according to you lets go kill innocent suspects, burn some people for their believes and cheer every time an Arab is blown apart so you can say in you next Time Magazine article (really not time magazine at all but a small and funny kiddy forum for exchanging playing tips on PS2 and Bowling nights schedules).

A self-proclaimed thinker reduced to a rambling name calling muttawa loving muttaa hating professor that doesn’t mind beating up people in the streets.

My Kung Fu is great.


Friday, August 12, 2005

So My Kung Fu is stronger than yours

I really don’t need another blog nor do I want to write anymore useless entries, but I’ve come across a few blogs and their respective owners that need some schooling. And it is school time baby.

I got this blogger account to post some overdue comments on some punks blog. This little jerk writes about stuff that is way over his head. Not that I care, but I have come across his blog a few times and his blabber is getting tedious and he has got a few friends – or a few fake accounts – that do nothing but praise his intellectual power.

Time to get schooled boy. Your rant is weak and you can’t decide whether you want to kiss or kick some ass. You won’t get free promo here, just your daily dose of schooling in life.